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By the pool

Lithuania, 2017, 15 Min., orig [en]
Focus Europa: Ungarn
mit Karolina Kildaite, Kamile Maksvytyte, Mantas Salkauskas, Danas Kavaliauskas, Paulius Markevicius, Jolanta Dapkunaite

11.04.18 19:00 Bozen, Club 3

A group of teenagers rent a house with a sauna for a party. Everybody is having a good time: dancing, singing, drinking, talking. The party ends and everybody leaves, but in the morning the housekeepers come to clean the place and in the dressing room they find a girl who is trying to find a button of her ripped up trousers.

Eine Gruppe Jugendlicher mietet ein Haus, um ein Fest zu veranstalten. Am nächsten Tag trifft die Reinigungskraft auf ein Mädchen, das den Knopf ihrer zerrissenen Hose sucht.

Un gruppo di adolescenti affitta una casa per una festa. Il mattino dopo il personale delle pulizie trova una ragazza che sta cercando il bottone dei suoi pantaloni strappati.